Bienvenido a la Cámara de Comercio Ibera Panamericana Inc - 03 de Diciembre del 2016


Press release 17032020

We have received information, about the decline, from our strategic partner Don OSCAR GARCIA BAZALAR, Lawyer, leader of the organization COLAGIPABIDH.

From time to time, his projections of Global High Energy, made his interpersonal relations in his bank of friends, colleagues, clients, entrepreneurs, politicians, directors, deans and rectors, linked to each other, for support, management and consulting was its magnitude in every moment of their daily habitat.

Little by little, in our dialogue of conversations, we had drawn up a five-year plan of action in order to capture, with its Altruism of mutual aid to others and a Wise - Objective word. Simply address your physical, economic and financial health of each person in contact.

Your cellular memory is part of the history of this cape-ca, from which we pay you our most fervent tribute during each minute of our institutional life, Thank you Dr. Oscar Garcia Bazalar, for your omnipresence.

The same as always, thanks Dr. Garcia.

The CAPE - CA Team

Gladys Lafreniere - Nava

J Andrés Rojas

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